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Monday, July 24, 2006

Another early start

With another hot day in prospect, Both Dads came down at 7.00. They gave Dibbs and me a snack, groomed and tacked us up. I wore my snaffle and was schooled as previously with lots of walk, halt transitions, leg yield and shoulder-in. Some jumps were out in a treble and Dad schooled me in and around them, doing lots of ten metre circles in walk and trot. We ran through the walk and trot test again. The first time I was disobedient and Dad got quite cross. We started over and I concentrated better and when I had run through it better we did some work on a long rein and called it a day.

Dibby and I were hosed down, given breakfast proper and put out to graze until 4.00 when Dad brought us in. We were groomed and put in our stables with tea. With all the irritable mares now around our stables, Dad found it best to get us inside and out of harm's way fairly promptly. Some humans, like cobs, find discretion the better part of valour.


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