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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Football Saturday

Both Dads wanted to watch England play Portugal in the quarter finals of the World Cup on TV later and needed to get various chores done earlier than usual. It was also very warm again, so they came down to ride at 10.00.

Dad schooled me in my snaffle mainly in walk but with some trot and canter and lateral work. The horse flies were troublesome again, but I got through it. Once inside Dad hosed me down and put me out with Leo. Dibbs joined me after he returned from his hack and had a bath.

Both Dads dealt with the stables and brought us in at 3.30 with full haynets, groomed us and gave us tea early. They then went home and Other Dad returned at 6.00 to skip out and replenish haylage. A funny day altogether; although cobs like routine, we understand that every day can't be precisely the same.


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