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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday off

Since it was forecast to be very warm today, the Dads decided to give us the day off and not to ride unless it was particularly cool in the evening - so we were put out to graze before 8.30.

Dad came at noon, by which time I was standing by the gate, troubled by horse flies. He brought me in and stood me by my stable with some haylage and then hosed me down to cool off. I stood there whilst he attended to both stables and put me back outside with Dibbs whilst he returned home for an hour.

I decided to race around the field with Leo then and so Debbie rang Dad who came back and brought Dibbs and me in. We were groomed and given our tea. What a hot, hot day; black cobs seem to absorb the heat and don't really do thirty degrees.


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