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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Back in the saddle

After two day's off, it was back to school this morning.

Dad rode me in my snaffle for forty-five minutes or so. We did a lot of work on a long rein and then in medium walk with leg yield and shoulder in and halt/walk transitions. Only toward the end of the session did we go up into trot and for the much of the time I was on the bit.

We then went in to be groomed, massaged and put out to graze. Dibbs joined me after he had been ridden too.

We came in at 5.00 and were given a bath and had our tails shampooed. This was mainly because Dibby will be going to Solihull tomorrow to take part in the Prelim 16 Championship. I won't because the Walk and Trot Championship is now being held on the surface next to the scary fence, but Dad is thinking of taking me too to warm up and get used to the atmosphere.

I won't be going if it's pouring with rain, since they will need the extra space on the lorry to tack Dibby up and try to keep him dry before competing. If we do go, he incorrectly thinks it will all be the same to me and that I won't notice if we don't actually compete. He means well and I don't want to disillusion him. Cobs are considerate like that.


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