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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Day off

A quiet day for once. Other Dad trotted Dibbs up again first thing, but he was still unlevel. If he is not back to normal tomorrow, they will ask Rob the vet to look at him. We were both put out to graze by about 8.30 this morning...which was nice.

After all the lessons over the last few days it was pleasant to potter about in our field in the spring sunshine.

We came in about 4.00 to be groomed, put to bed and given tea. When we have days off like these Dad makes sure the grooming is extra thorough and he treats our hooves with green Tecsin spray. He also uses the black rubber knobbly massager in circular motions over our hind quarters to remove all the scurf before brushing it all away. It's nice for a cob to be spoilt once in a while.


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