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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Saturday's a school day

Dad came quite early to day. He gave Dibbs some haylage and tacked me up in my gp saddle and pelham. We went into the school and, after warming up, did some pole work and attempted a small cross pole in both directions.

Then Sue came and rode for a short time and watched as we tried some more jumping.

We did a variety of work for the rest of the session including some without stirrups and cantering on both reins.

As we were schooling, we were joined by Becky on the coloured cob, Patch - who had a little jump too - with about as much success as me. Also Di schooled Flare, but she didn't jump.

Dad and I did some sitting trot, which was quite good, but I think both of us were a bit tired and jaded after yesterday's lesson.

Shortly after I had been groomed and put out to graze, Dibbs came back from his hack and joined me. Although it was sunny, they thought we should have our light rugs on, since we had just been clipped.

Dad seemed to be at the yard for most of the day. By the time he had prepared out stables, it was after four, so he brought us in and put us to bed. He said it was just like having babies: that's not very dignified for repectable cobs.


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